Gróf Degenfeld - Tarcal

“We can feel climate change. In 2014, the August rain was harmful and the appearance of the Drosophila suzukii fly was new to us, too. And the summer of 2015 was especially arid. We started to switch to organic cultivation six years ago and now all our plots are certified organic. If it’s really hot, we spray at night – with orange oil and sulphur. Every year has its own set of conditions. From the end of June, we were here almost night and day, because a good wine requires good base material. In 2014, we managed to make good wine, even if it was lower in quantity; wine without chemicals, from nice fruit, with lots of selection and a good team. It has good acidity and a bit of residual sugar which in our view is necessary for elegance.”
István Varkoly, grape grower and Vivien Ujvári, winemaker

Winemaker: Vivien Ujvári

Vineyards of the vintage: Terézia, Zomborka, Galambos, Mézes-Mály, Borkút
Area: 35 ha
Annual production: in 2014 14,000 bottles // Average yearly production: 90,000 bottles