Gróf Degenfeld - Tarcal

Tokaj 2015 vintage report

“If necessary there should be less, but that should be really good”


Vivien Újvári started the wines, and I finished them. It was a big battle, as we protected the grapes with István Varkoly who followed 100% organic cultivation. He was the fixed point and it’s thanks to him that both the older and the younger plantations survived this year.


What does an organic grower use?

Orange oil provides the base and we protect the grapes with copper, sulphur and potassium. Organically cultivated grapes grow thicker skins in a year like this, and we have to pay a lot of attention during pressing to maintain elegance. We adapt to the vintage, we are learning what our grapes react to the best. If necessary there should be less, but it should be really good.


Did you sacrifice quantity for quality?

In July, we already protected the vines with bunch reduction so that the little rain there was wouldn’t damage the vines. We broke up the soil so that the rain could reach the roots. Finally, we didn’t force the press too much either, in order to avoid the tannins from the thick skins getting into the wine.