Have you got hills? – Skizo Hegyeink 2015

“On the Balaton-felvidék (the northern uplands of Balaton) and almost everywhere else in Hungary where the grapes traditionally grow on hills, the hill is used as a synonym for vineyard. The hegybíró (lit. hill judge) is in fact responsible for the grapes, and anyone who goes to or into [as is also used] the hill, goes to the vineyard. And not to hike but to work. If someone is asked whether they have hills, they’re being asked about their vineyards. Here, the hill is part of the lifestyle and we have hills,” says winemaker Balázs Sike.

Beside their ever light, reductive, ‘handy’ Skizo wines that have great drinkability, Balázs and his wife, Réka, always dreamt of showing the place of growth at a higher quality level. The entry level is already strong at the cellar but the premium wines were made via a different approach, from different base material: made from their own grapes or from those coming from a friend’s plot cultivated together, in Balázs’s birthplace, on the Balaton-felvidék. “Badacsony has never been a question; it’s hard basalt, a hard plot. The Csobánc is irresistible, it’s reminiscent of Somló, with easily decomposable, loose-structured volcanic soil. The Fekete-hegy is in a world of its own: the largest Hungarian volcano with a sunny and protected side. Lesence is the region of the nicest valleys and locations. In places like these, not just the grapes enjoy themselves but we do as well. And we feel that we’ve found the right grape variety to match every area,” says Balázs.