Homonna Szőlőbirtok - Erdőbénye

“I start in the vineyard at dawn, at 4 a.m. I had a helper but he escaped. We plough the vineyard using a horse and there are places where I have to prune lying on the ground. 2012 was an even drier, warmer year. I really feared for my old vines. I ripped out all the weeds between the rows, to make the last drop of water reach down to the roots. We are trying to resurrect Erdőbénye, to bring the village to life. The Gigerli – wine bar and community centre – has been rebuilt. It used to be a bakery – I’m currently rebuilding its oven.

Vineyards: Határi Olaszliszka,

Erdőbénye, rhyolite, mixed volcanic soil, perlite

Olaszliszka, andesite subsoil, clay soil with good water retention capability

Rány Olaszliszka, outstandingly rich volcanic rocks without a layer of top soil.

Winemaker: Attila Homonna (38)

Foundation of the cellar: 1999

Area: 3.5 ha in small parcels

Annual bottling: 3,000 bottles

Winemaking and wine style: Everything is done by hand from the hoeing to the packaging. Careful pressing in a small press, settled juice, spontaneous, barrel fermentation with cooling, then 11-months of maturation in the new 5-hectolitre, French-style, Stockinger barrels. Exciting micro-parcels, small-bunches, very old vines.