Homonna Szőlőbirtok - Erdőbénye

“2013 can be described for us as a more peaceful year, but due to the heat wave ripening occurred in an unusual way. Instead of the usual course, the berries lost water, the sugar started going high up and the acidity remained high as well. We had to wait till the very end, and then we had to act quickly. The harvest was postponed by almost a month. We started at the beginning of October, when botrytis started appearing. We had to choose whether blunter in acidity, botrytised or more masculine, dry wines should be born. I took the risk of higher acidity. The way the wine was made was the same as in 2012 which shows how strong the influence of the vintage is.” – Attlia Homonna.

Winemaker: Attila Homonna

Vineyards: Határi, Meszesmajor-Csáky, Rány

Foundation of the winery: 1999

Area: 4 ha

Annual production: 3-5,000 bottles


Attila Homonna’s life doesn’t go at a “pensioner’s pace”. Besides being busy with his own winery, he also works for several wineries as a consultant and having moved back to Budapest with his family, he commutes even more on the Bénye-Budapest-Balaton axis. A few years ago, he renovated the empty, ramshackle building of a former bakery shop next to the winery in Erdőbénye. Since then, he’s been running the cool Gigerli wine bar on this spot. He works with five-hectolitre, second-fill Kádár Kft. and Stockinger barrels. From 2014 onwards, he carries out organic cultivation and spontaneous fermentation.