Homonna Szőlőbirtok - Erdőbénye

Tokaj 2015 vintage report

“My 2015 wines stand like trees” – Attila Homonna 


It was a hot vintage with drought conditions. We had an easy job from a viticultural aspect –

we only had to spray three times with orange oil and sulphur. In order to keep my own style, we had to harvest for acidity and be spot on with the timing. My 2015 wines stand like trees, the acid content is around 7g/l in each case and none of them are sharp. They are vibrant wines.


You don’t just work on your own estate but you’re an advisor for several new wineries. How can you fit all these things in?

I live in several places, and due to the different locations, I drive a lot. I do about 120-150,000 kilometres on the Bénye-Budapest-Balaton axis annually. Until now, I’ve worked on four projects in parallel and now I’ve given one up. On top of that there is my own winery, plus the Gigerli, my pub in Bénye.


Are there any changes in grape growing or winemaking to report?

The winemaking has been the same for quite some time and there’s been no change to it. In 2012, the greatest development was cellar hygiene – that’s when we got a stock of new barrels, and the vintage was favourable, too. I pursue organic grape growing, the question is whether I should apply for the official certification or not, but I think I’d rather not. We borrow certain things from biodynamics, like the harvest time, but it happens more as a coincidence. We joked a lot about it with Ákos and Puma, then once I asked for a moon calendar, and it turned out that instinctively, we always harvested on fruit days. I’ve been keeping an eye on it since then.