Homonna Szőlőbirtok – Erdőbénye

“I might as well be a cobbler. The main point is that I should do it well.”

As he says, he’s been a rebel since he was 12. He has been an editor, a wine trader and a bass player. He’s spending less time in Erdőbénye but he’s still a significant figure in the wine region. One hundred-year-old Furmint vines, organic growing, traditional winemaking. A unique style, simple image, great substance.  



“The harvest came so early that not a single stem could ripen. In the 2000s’ vintages, we brought the bunches in with wooden stems. Back then, it was enough to stamp on them, then they could go into the press. Now, we destem. The uniqueness of the vintage is that our press broke down and we had to get the old basket press working. There is quite a lot of work with it, but it gives pristinely pure must. Since 2017, we’ve been sealing the bottles with Diam. Since then I haven’t encountered any that are corked.”