István Balassa

„Five hectares is the limit for me. That’s the upper ceiling of quantity and quality that one can control. For me, that point comes at five hectares. The character of a vineyard shows itself the most if we wander around it incessantly; if we live together with the parcel and nature. We experience, learn and improve year after year. Something that worked in 2010 had to be redefined in 2011. In such a dominant and warm year, the differences between the vineyards appear more slowly. I work exclusively with second-fill barrels; the first fill never makes it into the bottle. It would suppress the character of the vineyards.”


Nyulászó Mád, yellowy, quartz rhyolite, brown clay
Betsek Mád, white rhyolite tuff, andesite, quartz
Szt. Tamás Mád, red clay, red rhyolite
Hangács Mád, rhyolite tuff with plenty of zeolite
Thurzó Tokaj-hegy, black dacite and red piroxine
Mézes-mály Tarcal, loess covered quartz, andesite and rhyolite cone

Winemaker: István Balassa (36)
Founding of the cellar: 2005
Area: 5,2 ha 7 vineyards, 22 parcels around the areas surrounding Mád
Annual production: 8000 bottles

Winemaking and wine style: Furmint, Hárslevelű and Zeta harvested and selected according to parcels, pressed in a small press, with the pure must and the press juice handled together. One day of must settling. Fermentation and ageing is solely carried out in second-fill barrels. The wine is fined and filtered once, then bottled. Fresh, deep, complex single-vineyard varietal wines harvested by the vineyards and picked by parcels, whereby the most important goal is to show the given plot’s style, unique minerals and character.