István Balassa - Tokaj

“The particular parcel is important, which due to the post-volcanic activity phase gives a unique face to the wine within the vineyard. In the next stage, we are going to show the places of growth within the vineyards even more profoundly, making the wines separately. It’s an enormous possibility to be able to show such diversity with a variety like Furmint. No gimmicks, natural yeast, ageing in only older barrels, in order that the area can show itself in its entirety.”


Betsek Mád, white rhyolite tuff, andesite cone, quartz cone, within one vineyard brown clay soil

Nyulászó Mád, yellowy, quartz rhyolite, brown clay

Szt. Tamás Mád, red clay, red rhyolite with plenty of zeolite

Hangács Mád, rhyolite tuff with zeolite and brown clay soil

Thurzó Tokaj Hill, thin loess with prioxen dacite underneath

Mézes-mály Tarcal, loess covered quartz, andesite and rhyolite cone

Winemaker: István Balassa (37)

Foundation of the cellar: 2005

Area: 6 ha, 7 vineyards, 22 parcels around the areas surrounding Mád

Annual production: between 5,000 and 8,000 bottles

Winemaking and wine style: Furmint, Hárslevelű and Zeta harvested and selected according to parcels, pressed in a small press, with the pure must and the press juice handled together. One day of must settling. Fermentation and ageing is solely carried out in second-fill or older barrels. Introduction of the places of growth with vineyard selected and plot specific, within the vineyard selected wines. Fresh, deep, complex single-vineyard varietal wines whereby the most important goal is to show the given place of growth’s style, unique minerality and character.