István Szepsy - Mád

“I spent most of my time in the vineyard as a child and it makes me happy that now all the members of my family work there too. My son-in-law is a grape grower, my daughter-in-law is in charge of the clone selections that died out in the 20s and have been resurrected now, my son and my daughters are winemakers. Everybody has something to do in the vineyards every day. You can’t find such work-intensive grape growing anywhere else in the world.”

Vineyards: Betsek Mád, yellow clay, soft white tuff

Dorgó Mezőzombor, perlite soil
Nyulas (Liliom) Tarcal loess soil

Nyúlászó Mád, yellow clay and hard tuff, quartz

Úrágya Mád, quartz, tuff, red clay

Szt. Tamás Mád, alluvial zeolite and hard rhyolite tuff 
Szepsy Bodrogkeresztúr, white tuff, zeolite, yellow clay

Király Mád, rhyolite tuff, zeolite

Birsalmás Mád, quartz rhyolite tuff, zeolite

Winemaker: István Szepsy (63)

Foundation of the winery: 1987

Area: 53 ha

Annual production: 15,000 to 55,000 bottles

Winemaking and wine style: harvest in several small batches, destemmed, crushed grapes. Following a day of settling, the pure must and the press juice ferments spontaneously in barrels, then rests on fine lees for 5 months. In 2012 the sugar got carried away a bit, and due to the decreasing acidity, István made one outstanding estate wine in the name of perfection from the fruit of all the vineyards.