Szepsy István - Mád

“The grapes were healthy, so selecting them didn’t take long. First, the acids appeared to be terribly high but they were coupled with the great composition of the juice. I was frowning a bit about 2013 but now I love it more and more. In the sweet wine category, it was obviously a good year right from the beginning, but now I think the same is also true about dry. Fullness and serious composition, high acidity.” – István Szepsy

Winemaker: István Szepsy

Vineyards: Betsek, Dorgó, Nyulas, Nyúlászó, Úrágya, Szent Tamás, Szepsy, Király, Birsalmás, Bányász, Hasznos

Foundation of the winery: 1987

Area: 53 ha

Annual production: 15-55,000 bottles


The year 2013 brought a few new things at Szepsy. New plots came into focus; the new love is the Tállya vineyards, to the north of Mád. This time, István left a few grams of natural residual sugar in every dry wine: this way, beside the high acidity and minerality given by the vintage, the wines remained round and flavoursome. A huge change is that from 2013 onwards, every dry wine bottle is closed under glass stopper. Therefore, the cork problem occurring very rarely in the case of the Szepsy wines is over for once and all. Now, for the first time, there is also a wine in the portfolio that was fermented to dry from cultured yeast.