István Szepsy - Mád

“Professionally speaking, we want to be the world’s number 1 estate. That’s the aim, even if it’s not going to be myself who accomplishes it. We believed for a long time that the premium brand can be created with dry wines, but this is only possibly with aszú and dry Furmint together. Tokaj has three keys: Furmint, the bedrock and aszú technology. We also learnt something in 2014. We are sure to make a sweet szamorodni, while an estate Furmint was also born. We had to change our style with the dry wines: the direction is more towards Riseling instead of Burgundy.”

István Szepsy                             

Winemaker: István Szepsy

The vineyards the 2014 wines are made from: Úrágya, Szent Tamás, Hasznos

Area: 53 ha      

Annual production: In 2014 2,800 bottles // Vintage average: 30,000  bottles