István Szepsy - Mád

Tokaj 2015vintage report

“We’ve got to win the championship”


We had to pay a lot of attention to the sugar levels in order to prevent them getting too high, and also to the acids so that they didn’t drop to too low. The harvest started at the beginning of September, but for the last grapes, those intended for blending, we waited as long as the first day of October. Later, we had the opportunity to ‘play around’ with the fruit that was picked at the different times to balance out the wines.


What impact did it have on the single-vineyard wines?

Professionally, nothing can outdo the Mád vineyards. In 2015, more than one wine was made from here. The deeper understanding of the vineyards is a continuous process, and even a single parcel cannot be treated as a homogenous entity. Only the ones that give top quality both in dry Furmint and aszú can be regarded as top vineyards in the future. Our greatest vineyards are the Szent Tamás, the Betsek, the Úrágya and the Nyúlászó.


Is there a wine that can be described as ‘Szepsy’s view on the future’ in the product selection?

The dry wines are important but aszú must be the main product, even if the greatest focus is not on it currently. It’s important to put sweet wine in its rightful place so that the world can discover it. We should enchant everyone with sweet Szamorodni, and after that it can be the turn of aszú, and the single-vineyard version made from pure Furmint that ought to be on the top of the product pyramid. We have to win all the championships with it, everything: the European Championship, the World Cup, the Champions League!