István Szepsy – Mád

“I’m made of grape matter and zeolite.”

We’re sitting in the car, István is at the wheel and we’re off to do the vineyard tour. While he’s driving, he tells us about volcanos, vineyards and parcels. We listen to facts about the temperature of the spurting geysers, the thickness of the rock layers lying 20 metres below the surface and the power of the underwater volcano eruptions. The stories are so detailed we might think that István had witnessed them all. We arrive with the usual anticipation at the entrance of the aszú cellar. Here, one straightens up: we’re tasting fresh aszú wines from the barrel at István Szepsy’s.



“While 2016 was only competitive in terms of dry wine, 2017 was also in sweet. But only on certain plots. A top vineyard and a top parcel can only be the one that can give high quality in both. And there is no top vineyard without tuff or andesite.”


HRSZ (Topographic nr 2503)

“We were doing the green harvest and the grapes were already edible. I was collecting the women from the Szent Tamás vineyard. We were getting on the bus when one of them ran back to get a few bunches for her grandchild. She was heading to the furthest parcel from us where it’s not easy to get up to. When she returned, I asked her why she went up there. She said it was because if she gets the grapes from these parcels, her grandchild can’t stop eating them.” István Szepsy was talking about his plot that lies on the topographic number 2503 from where in 2017, the first parcel-selected Furmint aszú of the winery was born. Do you have a qualification in geology? Luckily, I don’t have. If I’d have studied it, I would’ve probably got bored of it after two years. Through the vineyards, I’ve been studying and experiencing them for 20 years.