It's Summer, Wine and Hake - Fish after the labels from Andrej Tóth

We met Andrej a good few years ago. He designed a label for us, for Gellavilla’s 2006 Málnás, and he has since designed the labels for two of our summer sparkling rosés (for the Nagyon nyár and the Nagyon pezseg) and also for János Márkvárt’s great Kékfrankos-Merlot blend, the Ezerötös. He constantly works on creative graphic designs, for example he has been preparing the materials of A38 from the beginning and has an exhibition on the boat every two years.


Despite his high-end art, he wanted to get closer to the people. That’s how the idea of Art Hekk popped up at the Balatonalmádi Wesselényi Strand last summer. Hekk is hake in English. We fell for his walnut fish immediately and since then his paper bags and postcards can also be seen in the shop window of our Balaton wine shop. His hand carved fish made in Nagymaros and painted with a unique design has one single function: that is having no function at all. We just have to hang them on the terrace or in the garden so that anytime we look at them, they should recall the Balaton, the memories of the summer and just make us happy.

He came up with the Art Hekk name together with his friend, Péter Geszti, and beside the fish, the collection has one-of-a-kind panel paintings and also bags of the Medence Group made from recycled awning canvases. Just like the theme of Andrej’s exhibition, the subject of the fish series is family. According to the original concept there are three types of them: the big dotted one is the woman, the big stripy one is the man (reminiscent of Andrej’s swimming trunks) and the small, white dotted one represents the kids. And the shape is always as it’s given by the walnut tree. The base of Art Hekk in the summer is the Tihanyi Piac Placc at Balaton but the wooden hake are also moving into our wine shops for the summer.