Janos Márkvárt Jnr.

Márkvárt Márkvárt Márkvárt Márkvárt

We first got to know János Márkvárt in connection with our Kadarka overview. People have recommended him to us, saying he makes good Kadarka from 1935 bush vines. Then came the Fuxli, which was when we met in person. Since we met, we tasted a few wines of his, such as the off-dry Rosé and the Kékfrankos with tons of fruits. We even visited him in “szurdik land”, where we roamed around all the hills, valleys and vineyards. That’s where the pictures and experiences come from. We learnt that nothing goes better in the labyrinth of the loess gorge (szurdokok or szurdik as they call it here) than the light-blue Lada that can reach just 80 km/h on tarmac. We also discovered that the Szekszárd wine region is a lot bigger and more colourful than we’d initially thought, and that the best coffee is made in Kávé Ház on road 56 towards Bátaszék. Also, if you’re smart, you don’t drink cool Kadarka from a bottle under the hot sun, between the vines – but that’s another story.

“I started with my grandfather in ’96. He is still farming at the age of 86, still reaps and makes bulk wine. When he was 81, he won a national reaping competition. I’m really proud of him. We are Alsóváros Swabians; the stubborn type. Me and my grandfather don’t agree about everything. I make bottled wine by my bare hands on 3.2 hectares, he remained with bulk wines and that’s what he does best. I, for example, only plough every second row while he ploughs every row in the vineyard. I grew up here, I know every ravine, vineyard and meadow.
I’ve been working since I was a kid. I leave at dawn, at noon I rest at home, and finish among the grapes in the evening.

I’m from Szekszárd, I’m a winemaker, grape grower and a farmer. I make good, enjoyable wines. A friend of mine drew the label. He is not a graphic designer but a good tattoo artist. My name is not on it, somehow it didn’t work out that way since me and my grandfather went our separate ways. If someone is interested: he can find it on the back: I’m János Márkvárt Jnr.”