János Márkvárt Jnr. - The 1500 lad

The truth is that ever since meeting him last year, we put Jani into a box. For us, he has been about the Kadarka, the Kékfrankos and the blue Lada 1500. Every time we think or talk about him, Jani Márkvárt is associated with that. We like drinking his Cabernet and his rosé in the summer, but with his spicy, light Kékfrankos and cheerful Kadarka he has knocked us off our feet again. He’s just bought another half hectare of beautiful, hundred-year-old Kadarka vines grown without stakes, which we will be able to taste next year. In the summer we drove around the vineyard in the Lada 1500 and watched the sunset on the loess hill side, sitting on palette furniture in front of a caravan. The Ezerötös (meaning 1500) is back, so is the memory of an unforgettable vineyard trip in Jani’s blue Lada. A Kékfrankos, Cabernet Sauvignon and Kadarka blend with a touch of Merlot for optical tuning. It is just like the Jani we got to know: friendly, daring, proper.