Kaláka Pince - Tállya

Tokaj 2015 vintage report

“The keyword is naturalness” – László Alkonyi 


We are young in Tállya and 2013 was our first vintage. It was followed by 2014, a year that we were forced to skip completely because it was impossible to protect the grapes via chemical-free grape growing. We were really looking forward to 2015. Three of us selected the fruit on a daily basis and we harvested the almost botrytis-free bunches, and parts of bunches, for acidity and low alcohol. The wines fermented slowly and gradually, and we are happy with the results.


Kaláka is the epitome of an ‘artisanal winery’. What’s your philosophy?

The keyword is naturalness. We don’t use chemicals in the cellar, and even in the vineyard we work with little sulphur and copper. It’s important for us to avoid phenols and high alcohol in our wines, and that’s why we always select the ripest but not overripe grapes. Our wines are fruity, youthful and crispy. We work with a 100-year-old Kossuth press, then we pour the musts pressed at different times on top of each other and ferment them in steel tanks. At the end, we might ‘pile-up’ 22 different musts on top of each other. We don’t strive to have only dry wines by any means – natural balance and elegance are more important.


Your name might sound familiar for those who are interested in wine...

Yes, I wrote and edited Borbarát magazine for 15 years before it closed down in 2010. I read, searched, wrote, tasted and rated wines – Tokaj always held a privileged place in my life. I moved to Tállya a couple of years ago, where winemaking is the most important activity for me, but beside that I also raise goats and racka sheep.