Kaláka pince – Tállya

“Classification is more of a cultural than a scientific result.”

Laci Alkonyi is one of the last chroniclers of the wine region. The wine writer arrived in the wine region with a strong philosophy of his own that he had elaborated for years, the base of which is the vineyard as the rational use of the classification level and the definition of the values that the vineyards carry. “Classification is more of a cultural than a scientific result. It shows whether a society can define what they regard as good and why.”



“It was our best year so far. It’s a dangerous thing to make elegant wines. We harvested the three hectares for 33 days, the maximum must we got into the cellar every day was 140 litres. It’s a Sisyphean task, but we only pick the perfect bunches. Full ripeness, botrytis-free. We don’t like phenolic notes, it’s simply not our world.”