Káli Kövek – 2012

“I started off in Budapest, now I'm making wines in the village of my grandparents. We make village vines here from the grapes of the Káli Basin,” says Gyula Szabó, winemaker of Káli Kövek (lit. Káli Stones). “Over the last few years, I’ve spent half of my time visiting the surrounding villages and vineyards looking for the nicest locations and promising grape growers. That’s how I met Attila Csabai on Monoszló from whom we bought in Hegyestű Furmint; with Tamás Sándor Kovács on Szentbékálla from whom the Pinot Gris comes; and György Sólyom in Szentantalfa where we harvested the Riesling from the Sósi vineyard. The Köveskál Olaszrizling was in the place dearest to my heart, from my own vineyard on Fekete Hill. The Rezeda has found its place too. For one thing it’s giving off nice aromas in the courtyard of the winery and as a wine, it made into the series of village wines and became such an Olaszrizling in which I can also smell the mignonette flower.”

Káli Kövek

The basic wines: Two basic wines with the usual labels made it into the bottle: one fresh, cool Sauvignon Blanc; and a deep, full, oily, Riesling-Olaszrizling blend.

The village wine series: ripe, mineral Pinto Gris from Szentbékkálla; spicy, full, rich Olaszrizling from Köveskál; mineral, subtly oaky Furmint from Monoszló; and fresh, floral, petroly Riesling from Szentantalfalva – follow the Köveskál Riesling we got to know last year.