Kikelet Pince - Tarcal

“2013 was a big change in the life of Kikelet as from this year I could deal a lot more with developing the estate. The new building is finally going to be a worthy place for the winery. In the middle of July hail hit the Lónyai vineyard, which is why Lónyai Hárslevelű could not be born. On the other hand, it’s a new discovery that the sparkling wine made from those grapes looks promising, and by chance it should be ready when we inaugurate the house. Maybe fate decreed it that way. Parts of the Kassai vineyard were also hit by the hail but on a much smaller scale. As for the vintage, both Furmint and Hárslevelű show cooler notes on the palate, so they’ll need time to develop nicely. This way we can recognise more valued and more elegant attributes in them as well. The Váti has a rich palate and high acidity, and it seems like it’s going to be a big wine.” – Stéphanie Berecz. 

Winemaker: Stéphanie Berecz

Viticulturist: Berecz Zsolt

Vineyards: Lónyai, Kassai, Váti, Lestár, Farkas

Foundation of the cellar: 2002

Area: 5 ha

Annual production: 11,000 bottles


The Kikelet winery has been given a makeover. The old vinedresser’s house has been extended, the top floor renovated, while the new terrace with panoramic windows directly overlooks the vineyards above Tarcal. We walked to the top of the Farkas vineyard through the old quarry, which has been turned into an outdoor theatre, where we were welcomed by an amazing view. Stéphanie is a huge fan of birds. Such rare species as the Eurasian eagle-owl, the black stork or the European bee-eater can be found in the vicinity. The work phases are divided up: she is the winemaker, while her husband, Zsolt, is the grape grower. The wines ferment slowly and spontaneously in barrels following gentle pressing and must settling. Ageing is often carried out in used barrels on the fine lees. They didn’t carry out malolactic fermentation with the 2013 wines.