Kikelet Pince - Tarcal

“The new tasting room has been finished, topped off with a nice tile stove, and so has the terrace. There’s going to be a supporting wall put up behind the house where there will also be grapes. Meanwhile, the 2015 wines are already fantastic. This gives me strength, and I can finally see Zsolt smiling again. In 2014, we made 2,500 bottles of wine altogether. But what’s been made is good. It was a cooler year with higher acidity – the wines still need time to reveal all their qualities. We used even fewer barrels but the Váti required oak, for example. By the end of November, our sparkling wine was ready too and is made purely from Hárslevelű.”
Stéphanie Berecz

Winemaker: Stéphanie Berecz

The vineyards the 2014 wines are made from: Lónyai, Kassai, Váti, Lestár, Farkas
Area: 5 ha
Annual production: in 2014 2,500 bottles // average yearly production: 11,000 bottles