Kikelet Pince – Tarcal

“Don’t come to us wearing a suit!”

We are clattering up onto the back of Tokajhegy in two jeeps. In one, sits Stéphanie, while Zsolt is in the other. Zsolt winds down the window, reaches out and throws back a handful of green stuff. “Wild oregano,” he beams back. The hill is full of it this year. We stop at the Lónyai. “Don’t come to us wearing a suit,” he smiles. “Because we’ll climb up to visit the eagle-owl and the black stork in the Váti vineyard.”



“It wasn’t such a complicated vintage as 2015, but deciding on the harvest date was difficult once again. 2015 gave long and lean wines, while 2016 gave a round palate and body. In 2017, we picked in several batches and did a lot of sorting. Owing to the earlier harvest dates, the wines open somewhat slower, and they are possibly less giving at first, but they have great potential.