Kikelet Winery - Tarcal

 “We’ve never harvested as early as we did in 2012. The grapes don’t like too much water, but such a small amount is not good for them, either. Grapes protect themselves with their thick skins, which we have to pay attention to at the time of the harvest and also at the time of pressing. I’ve got more to do in the 250-year-old cellar that is now being rebuilt. Since Zsolt got his new tractor, I hardly see him at home, as he’s constantly sitting on it.”

Vineyards on the small hills around Tarcal:

Lónyai 45 years old,150m, deep loess, south-west facing

Kassai 45 year old, 150m, deep loess, south

Váti thin loess, dacite, 25 years old

Lestár 120 m, south facing, steep, loess

Farkas south-west facing, thin loess mainly on dacite base, 150m

Winemaker: Stéphanie Berecz (43), Grape grower: Zsolt Berecz (47)
Foundation of the cellar: grapes from 1998, cellar since 2002

Area: 4.5 ha in five vineyards and 0.5 under plantation

Annual production: around 11,000 bottles

Winemaking and wine style: strict cleanliness in the cellar, prolonged, several-sweep harvest in small bits. Slow, careful pressing in several instalments and settling of the must. The wines ferment spontaneously in wooden barrels and very slowly, then aging in the 7- and 8-year-old barrels of the cellar, on fine lees. In 2012, shorter barrel ageing in order to maintain the fruitiness and the vibrant style.