Kikelet winery

„We are on the road of learning in Tokaj. As the base of the sweet wines are the dry ones, we firstly have to become acquainted with the character of a good dry wine, then the next step will be the realisation of the vineyard character in sweet wines. 2011 was the best vintage for dry wines from loess soil. We experimented in small batches from September to the end of November with grapes of different levels of ripeness, without noble rot, for choosing the perfect harvest date in our vineyards. For a long time people looked down on these loess areas, but Zsolt and myself believed in loess a lot due to the past of Tarcal. We really love Hárslevelű and we are starting to get to know our vineyards.”


Vineyards on the small hills around Tarcal:
Lónyai 45 years old, 150m, deep loess, south-west facing
Kassai 45 year old, 150m, deep loess, south
Váti thin loess, dacite, 25 years old
Lestár 120 meter, south facing, steep, loess
Farkas south-west facing, thin loess mainly on dacite base, 150m


Winemaker: Stéphanie Berecz (42)
Szőlész: Zsolt Berecz (46)
Founding of the cellar: grapes from 1998, cellar since 2002
Area: 4,5 ha in five vineyards on the edge of Tarcal
Annual production: around 11,000 bottles


Winemaking and wine style: “What we learnt in Bordeaux is that you have to be afraid of everything. We keep a stern tidiness, we use loads of water in the small cellar under the house. We harvested gradually, in small bits, for two months. Slow, careful pressing in several instalments. Most of our wines ferment spontaneously in wooden barrels and very slowly, because our yeast here is very slow, then they age in barrels until bottling.” Extremely vitalic, happy, pronounced single-vineyard and estate wines. Botrytis-free, balanced, dry wine.