Miklós Tamás Rácz - “Being from Diósviszló is an already existing thing in wine”

There are some people who make great wine in Diósviszló, in the south-western outpost of the Villány wine region, at the gate of Orámság. (Among them is Ruppert whose vineyard is partly located in the village). The first one we met here was Miklós Tamás Rácz. He is a nice, hard working chap making good wines. A few years ago, following a competition for young winemakers, we took a bold step and bought his first wine, hoping that these southern rascals will one day make a miracle on Diósviszló. An excellent relationship came out of the cooperation, despite the fact that Miklós follows his own way both in the field of grape growing and winemaking so that sometimes we don’t entirely understand each other. From the 2012 vintage, he presented a Pinot Noir that made us argue for an hour because it sticks out of the Pinot matrix so much. The variety is like this in Diósviszló, he says. Deep, dark, dense and full flavoured. There is no point arguing with him. We’ve tried several times before. This wine is brilliant in this vintage, it doesn’t matter if its truly unique character was brought along by the chosen clone, or the hot, southern hillside or the taste of the winemaker.