More beer

Are we chatting or playing cards? – as the Székely joke goes – when one of the shepherds, who has been playing cards in complete silence for weeks, accidentally utters a word. 

So three beers is a beer, but one isn’t. We’ve decided to immerse ourselves slightly more into the beer subject, and at the end of the year we’re offering a wider range which we will seek to continue in the future. This means that from now on, we will always have beer: quite a lot of it and good ones too. Last year, around this time, we started with two or three heavy, spicy, winter beers, as it was cold. Now, we’re introducing light, clean lagers to be enjoyed cold and fresh. We’ve also brought in sour wheat beer, as even wine fans drink other stuff than premium, intense barrel-aged reds in the cold. Fans of unique beers will also have a lot to choose from: IPAs to APAs. And finally, some big guns: pitch black stouts that can be aged for years and a barley wine – there’s so much roast in them, that we won’t need any coffee in the winter.