Samuel Tinon - Olaszliszka

Tokaj 2015 vintage report

“Everything depended on the timing”


Olaszliszka has loess soil, which is also a rock full of minerals and it produces rich wine. With our village wine, we have three completely different years behind us: the balanced ’13, a really rainy, cool ’14, and the bone dry, hot ’15. Of course, the vines are strong, their roots go deep down and find the moisture from the previous year, but it wasn’t an easy year. Everything depended on the timing.


Why Olaszliszka?

My wife is a Parisian girl while I’m from Bordeaux and we met in Mád. Where else could we have moved to other than Olaszliszka? Since then our life is like a novel in this beautifully located village next to the Bodrog. My wife is a writer – I hope she’ll really capture it in words one day. Kossuth was born just a corner away from our house. Three boy scouts, dogs, sleeping in the vineyard under the stars, deep friendships. The village wine was born out of this as well. On New Year’s Eve, after a few glasses of wine, one can make strange promises.


Why is it Hárslevelű?

Because we like it. We came up with the idea, together with friends, and we even defined the variety together. This time it happened to be made at my place. I have old barrels of 15-16-years of age and they are very clean. The Olaszliszka is fermented and aged in them as well. It was a very nice vintage despite its difficulties and more than a 1,000 bottles will subsequently convey the message of the village.