Oremus - Tolcsva

“I wanted to be an academic, but I ended up at the horticultural college. At the age of 60, I must admit that I was always attracted to the land. I travelled a lot, and even though my French was bad, it was still better than anybody else’s here at the time. Then my goals became: Miskolc, Budapest, then Paris. But I had return to Hegyalja, and I have never regretted it.”


Oremus Sátoraljaújhely, loosely structured, rhyolite soil

Mandolás Tolcsva, compact clay on rhyolite Szentvér Tolcsva, rhyolite, clay

Budaházi Olaszliszka, rhyolite with obsidian

Kútpatka Tolcsva, rhyolite, clay

Henye Bodrogkeresztúr, loess, clay, loam

Petrács Tolcsva, andesite, red clay, piroxine, jasper

Gyapáros Tolcsva, clay, rhyolite with large obsidian rocks

Estate director, winemaker: András Bacsó (60)

Owner: Vega Sicilia

Foundation of the cellar: 1993

Area: 91 ha

Total bottles: 150,000 bottles

Winemaking and wine style: everything depends on interaction, on the relationship of the variety and the soil, the “masterful” fermentation and the oak used for ageing. Quick pressing, perfectly settled must, 10-day long cooled fermentation, ageing in new barrels, on fine lees, then bottle ageing that can even last several years. Rich, mineral, delicately oaky, complex estate wine, made from the harmony of several vineyards.