Oremus - Tolcsva

“2014 was the year of selection and it was also significant that we had to be prepared to fight diseases that until now had only been typical of the Mediterranean region. We had to select strictly not only for the sweets but also for the Mandolás. The good acidity adds a great balance to the noble sweet wines. The aim is to keep the freshness but I couldn’t give up on the barrels entirely. Exactly for this reason, we have been fermenting the clean, racked must in tanks since 2012 and the making of the barrels has also changed. The staves are dipped into hot water for 20 minutes before being pulled together in order to dilute the rough tannins. We also cut down on new barrels and used barrels dominate more.
András Bacsó

Winemaker: András Bacsó

The vineyards the 2014 wines are made from: Oremus, Mandolás, Szentvér, Budaházi, Kútpatka, Henye, Petrács, Gyapáros
Area: 87 ha
Annual production: in 2014 150,000 bottles // Average yearly production: 175,000 bottles