Oremus Pince – Tolcsva

“2017 was the vintage of richness both in sweet and dry wines.”

In the same way that a Champagne house doesn’t change its identity with every vintage, András Bacsó and Oremus are not typified by unconsidered, hasty steps. Here, work is based on tradition with the refinement of the style going on quietly in the background. Refinement in fermentation and oak use. After the tasting in the fairy tale cellar, we are warming up in the chateau’s Chinese silk wallpaper ornamented parlour, while our friend András Bacsó talks to us.



“It’s the vintage of richness both in dry and aszú wines. But as we know, richness comes with its troubles. We had to pay a lot of attention to tiny details and we’ve never done as much selection as in 2017. But those who selected well can have a very nice vintage behind them. 2017 was the vintage of nice acidity.”