Péter Bakonyi - “We love the leading wind”

"Time flies with us. Or do we fly with it? We synergised energies: the music teacher’s and the grape grower, namely those of Josef Kerl from Weisenburg and Péter Bakonyi from Nagyatád. We already have a cellar in Villány and a so-called “modern winery” as well. The absurd and surreal experiences I had during a court case, regarding a right of way inspired me to put a helicopter drawn in a childlike manner onto the label of a few hundred of my unreleased wine bottles. It featured myself waving from the helicopter to those who suggested that I would get a helicopter before having a road. It leaked out and now I can’t get rid of my flying object, even though I might as well have a wheelbarrow as my logo."

Why did you call this place a “ruin winery” when we came in?

There are so many ruin pubs in Pest and ours is a bit like a ruin winery here in this old cottage, in the heart of Villány.


I’m sure everyone asks how the helicopter made it onto the label? We know from Miki Rácz that he has longed for a military helicopter for a long time. What was your reason?

There’s a road on the hill over which I was involved concerning a right of way lawsuit. My neighbours just laughed at me and said I should save up for a helicopter instead. Since I thought I was never going to get a road, I decided to put a helicopter with me waving from the cockpit on my first label. Today, I actually have the road, so I might as well put a wheelbarrow on the label but I was left with flying objects.


What’s the most important thing?

Good wine. I cultivate the grapes mostly organically, I seek to keep the natural balance in the vineyards. On top of that, I also buy in grapes and contract some growers. Those are not bio- certified but are just very good in terms of quality. I carry out controlled fermentation both in tanks and barrels. I do everything in small quantities but with great concentration. We are small producers – we are not after the size but rather the growth in quality.