Size: 23,000 ha

Typical soils: granite, clay, slate, sandstone

Riesling proportion: 25%

The second largest wine region in Germany, which stretches for 80 kilometres between Rheinhessen and Baden. Owing to the more southern location and warmer climate, mellower, less sharp wines are born here than in Mosel. One of the most beautiful wine regions in Germany, this is a pastoral idyll in all respects. Such wineries make their wines here as Dr. von Bassermann-Jordan and Dr. Bürklin-Wolf – the first two wineries that made it into our selection. During our wine tastings, we most often fall in love with the wines of this wine region – for some reason, they are close to us. 



Size: 20 ha

Typical grape varieties: Riesling, Pinot Noir

One of our kind customer friends recommended the Wilkers to us: he spent a harvest with them and befriended the family. This is one of the non-VDP members in our selection. The winemaker Jürgen Wilker studied the profession in the US, Australia and South Africa. The winery operates as a family estate. 


The Wilker Riesling Kabinet 2014 is available from 15th April.




Size: 8 ha

Typical grape varieties: Riesling, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Blanc

They are truly underground: we stumbled upon the contemporary, vibrant wines of the young winemakers in a wine bar. Philipp and Jonas Seckinger are not VDP members; as they say, they can’t stand uniforms. A small, family-run winery that was founded in 2012, with spontaneously fermented natural wines.



Dr. Bürklin-Wolf

Size: 86 ha

Bürklin-Wolf became our first Riesling winery; its wines gave us the final push. In 1990, Bettina Bürklin von Guradze inherited this founding member of the VDP, which has existed since 1597. Currently, it produces 500,000 bottles annually, and is one of the trendiest German wineries. Biodynamic production, organic cultivation. 



Dr. von Bassermann-Jordan

Size: 49 ha

Typical grape varieties: Riesling, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot

In 2002, Achim Niederberger purchased the cellar that was founded in 1718 and today it’s owned by Jana Niederberger. With 350,000 bottles of annual production, Bassermann-Jordan makes pristinely pure, modern, acid-driven Riesling from the best Grosse Lage vineyards. A true classic from one of the founding VDP members. Their rich, multi-flavoured wines enchanted us at our very first tasting.