Sauska - Tokaj

“In 2012 the harvest came abruptly. We hastily processed the healthy grapes after several selections with great excitement, and this excitement remained in the wines as well. An earlier harvest, crispier style, less oak, less malolactic fermentation. Longer, leaner, more exciting wines – that’s what 2012 has brought to us. We took inspiration from the premium wines of the world, and the result is a line of cosmopolitan, and even on an international level, classic wines from the colourful 113 to the mineral Medve.”

Vineyards: Birsalmás Mád, rhyolite tuff, zeolite

Dorgó Mád, soft, crumbly perlite soil

Szt. Tamás Mád, hard rhyolite tuff and zeolite veins

Medve on the edge of Bodrogkeresztúr, rhyolite soil

Úrágya Mád, quartz, tuff with hard clay layer Padi-hegy Mád, tiny crumbled tuff, brown clay

Winemaker: Gábor Rakaczki (40)

Foundation of the cellar: 1998

Area: 43 ha in 13 vineyards on the Sárospatak–Mád–Tokaj parallel

Annual production: 130,000 bottles

Winemaking and typical wine style: gravity-fed grape processing and must, crushing, destemming, pressing in a small pneumatic press. Natural must settling, mainly tank fermentation by natural and selected yeast. Less and less malolactic fermentation and battonage. Classic single-vineyard wines from local varieties and diverse blends.