Sauska - Tokaj

“The vintage was more balanced than the previous two, but it fits into the profile of warmer years. We wanted lower alcohol, more playful, lighter wines with good drinkability and tighter structure. We carried out partial malolactic fermentation. Fermentation occurs after the settling of the must, inoculated, with different yeasts, partly in tanks, while in the case of single-vineyard wines, only in used wooden barrels. We are not following philosophies but make pre-meditated decisions. We like the Tokaj varieties and the world varieties give us freedom. The majority of our barrels are made of French oak. This is not because we believe that Hungarian oak is not good enough, but due to the fact this worked for us. We experiment loads with our barrels, we found a cooper in Burgundy with whom we have a great relationship.” – Gábor Rakaczki. 

Winemaker: Gábor Rakaczki

Vineyards: Birsalmás, Dorgó, Szent Tamás, Medve, Úrágya, Padi-hegy

Foundation of the winery: 1998

Area: 43 ha

Annual production: 130,000 bottles


Instead of equalising, Gábor and his team pay attention to the emphasis on small details. With blends they taste the wine of the given vintage alongside that of the previous vintage, although the aim is not to reproduce it. In several of their blends, local varieties appear in increasing proportions so that the wine can be a Tokaj wine to the greatest extent. Hand harvest, destemming, short soaking, quick pressing, cool fermentation.