Sauska - Tokaj

“Due to the amount of rain, de-leafing and cluster selection had to be carried out in several batches and in a more serious manner than usual. Following the damage done by the Drosophila suzukii fly (the spotted-wing drosophila that possibly originates in Southeast Asia and which can bite through the intact grape skins, thus infecting the grapes), it wasn’t enough to harvest the damaged clusters by putting them on the ground; we also had to take them out in boxes. The harvest was spent carrying out rigorous selection. The ripening of the Furmint was harder, while the Chardonnay and the Sauvignon Blanc ripened more nicely. There was no change in the processing: the base wines and the single vineyard wines underwent controlled fermentation. In 2014, we further decreased the proportion of new barrels, in order to keep the oak at bay. We also carried out malolactic fermentation at a higher rate, in order to achieve softer wines.”

Gábor Rakaczi

Winemaker: Gábor Rakaczi

The vineyards the 2014 wines are made from: Birsalmás, Medve, Padihegy, Szent Tamás, Úrágya, Dorgó, Teleki, Szerelmi
Area: 50 ha
Annual production: In 2014 118,000 bottles // Vintage average: 160,000 bottles