Sauska - Tokaj

Tokaj 2015 vintage report

“We enjoy the fact that we can spend time on details” – Gábor Rakaczki


It’s a bit early to say but I think it’s very similar to 2007. As far as we can see now, compared to 2014, it’s more discreet on the nose but richer in flavours. Although there was hardly any rain in 2015, the soil preserved enough water from the previous year, so there was no stress on the grapes.


You’ve beautifully renovated the Dorgó vineyard, which faces towards the direction of Mád. What’s your aim with this spectacular spot?

This is an old vineyard with extremely precious gene stocks. It wasn’t even a question that it needed to be saved. We’ve maintained the traditional bush vine training system and the new plantations are also planted like that. It’s more work but it’s very exciting to learn the precise hand cultivation of a very dense plantation.


If the peak of Sauska is a dry Furmint, then is it still from the Medve and the Brisalmás vineyards?

We have Furmint in more than 18 different vineyards in the Tokaj-hegyalja region, and the mapping out of the plots is ongoing. However, we don’t strive to come out with another single-vineyard wine, but we instead enjoy the fact that we can spend time on details: trying to figure out what the Dorgó is like, what we can learn from it, how it fits into our existing world. By now I’m convinced that all our wines, in all categories, should talk about the Tokaj terroir, whether it’s a single-vineyard wine or a selection, a single variety or a blend, or made with or without barrels.