Sauska Cuvée 7 2012 - Siklós’ elegance and Villány’s power

IN CONNECTION WITH THE 2012 vintage, we recalled the history of Cuvée “seven” together with the Sauska team, sitting out on their Villány terrace in the spring sunshine. The first 7s from 2006 were bottled after two years. They were concentrated, heavy, Bordeaux style wines, partly owing to the vintage and also because all the cellar’s barrels were new at the time. The style has since been refined.


2012 BROUGHT LOTS OF EXCITEMENT AND CHALLENGES AS WELL: the February freeze, then the cool and windy May and an extended period of flowering. Then summer burst forth in a way we thought would never ease off. When it eventually did, it came with hail. The harvest came early, the ripening of several varieties collided and one had to act swiftly in the vineyards. The Sauskas managed to do so and it turned out to be an exceptional year.


THE CONCEPT OF CUVÉE 7 was from the very beginning to define the Siklós and Villány character. On the high-lying, windy Siklós vineyards (the Makár and the Zuhánya), it is Merlot which feels at home – today, the wine with the blue capsule is built on this variety. It shows balance and restrained elegance. The Villány vineyards (Konkoly, Kopár, Ördögárok) are protected from the north; they are hot and hence ideal for the Cabernet varieties. These provide the basis for the cuvées with the brown capsules, in which the power of Villány is revealed.  

Siklós Villány

Cabernet Sauvignon (55%), Cabernet Franc (30%) and Merlot (15%). Deep red, intense and elegant nose. Intense and oozing aromas with cocoa and earth notes. Ripe, masculine and it gets even more complex with time: cassis and blackberry. Well structured, nicely proportioned, long. It still has a lot of time ahead of it, but because of the warm vintage it will get into peak shape sooner than its Villány twin.

Alcohol: 15%, acidity: 6.14%

Merlot (70%) and Cabernet Franc (30%). Deep red, intense and elegant nose. Chocolate, subtle oak followed by fruit: blackcurrant, blueberry, prune and candied sour cherry. Velvety, with an elegant palate. A young wine with great acid-tannin structure. Owing to the Merlot dominance, it will ease into top form earlier than its predecessors. 

Alcohol: 15%, acidity: 6.4%

SITE OF ORIGIN: The Siklós comes from the Makár and the Zuhánya vineyards. The Villány comes from the Ördögárok, the Konkoly and the Kopár vineyards.

WINERY: Bunch selection by hand, berry selection by machine and hand. Inoculated with cultured yeast in tanks, after short (three-day long) maceration. 28-30 days maceration with pumping over. Complete malolactic fermentation occurred before pressing, partly inoculated, partly naturally. 

AGEING: 85% used, 15% new French barrels for 17 months

BOTTLING: between June 19 and 23, 2014. 





"A winery looks to three different directions: forwards, backwards and in the meantime, it’s involved in the work or harvest of the given year. It’s made especially interesting by the fact, that experience at this stage is embodied by one single vintage."
– László Latorczai


"In the first two years, we tried to get the maximum out of the grapes to see what they’re capable of with strict yield control. Then an earlier harvest date and fewer barrels followed, as we started to see Siklós, Villány and the constellation of the three varieties clearer."
Ildikó Markó


"After a promising start, two heavy hailstorms controlled the yield in Villány and one did the same in Siklós. It’s only because of the long, warm days in September and October and the extended date of the harvest that it could eventually become a big vintage."

László Latorczai


"During the first years, we of course said: Villány and Siklós. By 2011, we reached the point when we had enough experience: Villány is Sauvignon and Franc, Siklós is Merlot and Franc."
– Krisztián Sauska


"There is a point, even in Villány, when sunshine and warmth gets too much. Earlier, in such years this meant dense, overripe, tiring, mega-alcoholic wines. That’s what we are fighting against with all our power."
Ildikó Markó 



Sauska Cuvée 7 2012 PRE-ORDER

Our pre-order offer is valid between May 5 and June 15, 2015, while stocks last and applies exclusively to purchasing unopened cases of six.
During the pre-purchase period, we’re offering the two Sauska blends in cases of SIX OF THE SAME WINE AND AS A MIXED CASE (3 Siklós and 3 Villány).  

The anticipated commercial release date for both Cuvée 7 2012 wines is October 2015, with an expected per bottle price of 7,950.


In the case of purchasing three cases of six, we’ll give one bottle of Sauska Tokaj Extra Brut traditional method sparkling wine as a gift. 





"Cuvée 5 always represents the photo finish of a good vintage. That of a long marathon that includes everything: the weather, the orientation of our vineyards, the development of our grapes, the quality of our barrels and our current knowledge about grape growing and winemaking. It also includes our state of mind, of course… What was the harvest like? Did we manage to fulfil our aims? Did we make good decisions? Did we pay attention to each other?


The two Cuvée 7s catch the moment after breaking the tape, from different perspectives. The same zest, the same passion, will and skills, identical biological, physical and mental factors. During blending, we always put the Cuvée 5 together first, in several batches. It’s an exiting parade of the nicest base wines and the chosen, matching barrels, and the most optimally producing vineyards and grapes, on their own and in blends of different proportions. When we finally decide on the composition and quantity of Cuvée 5, the rest continues to go into Cuvée 7. The character of the sevens are defined by two factors: the pronouncedly different Siklós and Villány terroirs and the proportion of the three grape varieties of Merlot, Franc and Sauvignon."

Krisztián Sauska 




"Perhaps the colour of our capsules tells the Cuvée 7 story in a way that we cannot add anything to. The grapes of the Siklós Cuvée 7 grow directly under the bright blue sky, cooled down by a touch of wind. The Villány ones are basking in the sun down there near the ground and the position at the foot of the hill keeps them warm even after sunset. The base rock is limestone in both places. It’s perfect for inducing acidity; we can think here about Burgundy or Champagne. It retains heat perfectly, radiating it back onto the vines, creating a good microclimate. In Siklós, one can see the limestone the best in the Makár and the Csukma, while in Villány it’s the most visible in the Kopár where the topsoil has been washed away. What characterises the two wines even more is the location of the vineyards and the date of the planting. In Siklós’ Makár and Zuhánya vineyards, the plants breathe differently by being 300 metres above sea level, and because of the breeze. They don’t have to face that much heat. The Siklós plantations are our kindergarten. We planted them between 2002 and 2004, consciously choosing the varieties with small berries and good pulp-skin-juice proportions, which make fruity wines. The vineyard structure is modern, well thought-out and unified. The hill-valley orientation of the rows of the Ördögárok ripen in a cauldron, they are warm night and day, which generates a great amount of tannin in the Villány wines."

Ildikó Markó, László Latorczai, Péter Pohl