Sauska Cuvée 7: a prime pair

The individual character of the two Cuvée 7s from the exceptional 2011 vintage is defined by two factors: the marked difference between the two terroirs and the proportion of the grape varieties that produced the most stunning wines from the particular vineyards. In this vintage, the two Bordeaux-style blends also differ in their composition. In Siklós, the basis is provided by the fruitier Merlot, in line with Bordeaux’s Right Bank benchmark. In Villány, the more masculine Cabernet Sauvignon, typical of the Left Bank of the Gironde, provides the core.


Cuvée 7 2011 Siklós

Fresh, lively and ruddy. Delicious barrel aromas on the nose, along with cherry, redcurrant and rosehip. The Merlot’s oozing fruit combined with the rich spiciness of the Cabernet Franc. If we take Bordeaux as an example, this is more like the Right Bank style with a milder, silkier character.


Cuvée 7 2011 Villány

Lively purple-ruby colour, with lots of spices on the nose: black pepper and cardamom with delectable oak. Pronounced Cabernet Sauvignon, subtly spicy Cabernet Franc, plus the fruit bomb Merlot. Bordeaux Left Bank direction, tighter, more manly structure. Serious body, masculine, becomes more and more complex with every passing year.

Siklós Villány
Harvest date: September 20-29, 2011 Harvest date: September 22 - October 13, 2011
Areas: Siklós, Makár vineyard, Zuhánya vineyard, Csukma vineyard Areas: Villány, Ördögárok vineyard, Kopár vineyard, Konkoly vineyard.
Soil: solid limestone, marl, dolomite with loess clay on the top layers with sandy parts, high calcium content.   Soil: limestone, marl and dolomite, loess and brown forest soil on the top layer.
Bunch selection carried out by hand, hand and machine selection of the berrries.
The perfect berries are lightly pressed, then cold soaked for three days.
Controlled and spontaneous fermentation.
Maceration for 28 to 30 days, with racking and subtle extraction in the meantime.
Complete malolactic fermentation is carried out in the barrel following the pressing.
64% of the base wines aged in used, 36% in new French barrels for 18 months. 75% of the base wine aged in used and 25% in new French barrels for 18 months.
Merlot 73 %, Cabernet Franc 27%. Cabernet Sauvignon 72%, Cabernet Franc 21%, Merlot 7%.