Sauska Rosé Pezsgő Extra Brut

A traditionally aged, non-vintage sparkling rosé from Tokaj. A blend of 63% Furmint, 23% Chardonnay, 9% Hárslevelű and 5% Pinot Noir made by the traditional method and aged on the lees for nine months. 

Sauska Pezsgő Rakaczki Gábor Sauska Tokaj Sauska Pezsgő Sauska Pezsgő

“Quality sparkling winemaking in the Hegyalja is not the raison d'étre for most wineries, including ourselves. Since 2011, we’ve been carrying out experiments and pondering how we can contribute to the world of sparkling wine and what our Tokaj sparkling wine could or should be like. We feel that the two parts of “Tokaj sparkling wine” should have equal emphasis. Of course, we imagine “Tokaj-ness” in our own way, so for us the basis doesn’t only mean the Tokaj varieties, but also the nice acidity of the Chardonnay of the Birsalmás vineyard or the distinctively aromatic Pinot Noir of the Padihegy. While our aim in the blends is to maintain the dominance of the Tokaj varieties, especially that of the Furmint, the “sparkling wine-ness” cannot be secondary, which for in our view Chardonnay provides the guarantee. We are on the road. We've been learning over the last four vintages, and in full honesty, with an ever-growing fondness towards the subject. Similar to what has occurred with the dry wine experiments that have been ongoing since 2009, we are happy to reveal our most exciting results to everyone."

The Sauska Tokaj team