Sauska Tokaj

„The road we started out on in 2009 with the dry blends has been far more exciting than I ever expected. We are still just at the beginning and remain in the learning stage. We taste a lot, we constantly look deep into the eyes of every wine and we’re often amazed by their beauty. And if we don’t make mistakes, the whole thing is as pure as a matrix. If we stick to mathematics, the wines that should make it into the bottle by themselves stand out and it’s also evident how the varieties ply together in blends.”

Birsalmás Mád, rhyolite tuff , zeolite area
Dorgó Mád, soft, crumbly perlite soil
Szt. Tamás Mád, hard rhyolite tuff and málott zeolite veins
Medve on the edge of Bodrogkeresztúr, rhyolite soil
Úrágya Mád, quartz, tuff with hard clay layer
Padi-hegy Mád, tiny tuff crumbled brown clay

Winemaker: Gábor Rakaczkir (39)
Founding of the cellar: 1998
Area: 43 ha in 13 vineyards on the Sárospatak–Mád–Tokaj line
Annual production: 130,000 bottles

Winemaking and typical wine style: three-level, gravity-fed grapes and must. Dawn harvest, cold bunches, crushing, selection, pressing in a pneumatic press. Natural must settling, main tank fermentation with selected yeast. Malolactic fermentation, fine lees, battonage. Unique character single-vineyard wines from local varieties and varied blends. Fuller, rounder wines.

From the estate’s 2011 wines the Tokaji Furmint and Sárgamuskotály is still on the shelves, and further wines will arrive next year from Sauska Tokaj. We expect the Birtok Furmint 2011 by the spring. The 111, created out of the blend of Furmint and Sauvignon Blanc; the 107, made from Hárslevelű and Chardonnay; and the 105 Cuvée based exclusively on Tokaj varieties are due next autumn. Sauska’s single-vineyard Mád Furmint, the Birsalmás 2011 will also make it to the shelves next autumn.