Sauvignon Blancs from Chile to South Africa

Novelties, classics and a sparkler

In wine circles, Sauvignon Blanc is like the first ray of spring sunshine. It charges us up, energises us and turns us into addicts until the final autumn evenings. One of the world’s most recognisable varieties, it’s the provider of instant ecstasy to inexperienced tasters. For the more experienced, it’s a must have on warmer days. It may well not be by accident that Sauvignon Blancs have been the most popular wines in our selection for years. Had we not talked about them in May, we might have struggled with a feeling of longing, but over the last couple of weeks exciting Sauvignons have kept on arriving, one after the other.
In addition to a brand new Chilean winery, we’re introducing our first wine from South Tyrol, while the South African sparkling wine further colours the picture, and we’re preparing even more novelties on our website and in our wine shops.

from Hungary: 

from the Old World:

from the New World: