Something different

There are endless possibilities in winemaking. Varieties, wine regions and methods, with the last one able to be influenced by the winemaker by the most. There could be adventurous blending, whole-bunch pressing, fermenting, skin contact for white grapes, or using amphoras instead of barrels. Then there’s organic or biodynamic cultivation, old vines, traditional methods – the inventory is almost endless. Now, we have selected five wines that for one reason or another are also special to us.  

Skin contact: Prior to be being pressed, the must is left in contact with the grape skins – this could be for a few hours, a couple of weeks or sometimes even for months. The extraction of the tannins contained in the skins is crucial in the case of red wines, while it’s an interesting experiment with whites.


Spontaneous fermentation: Fermentation is carried out by naturally occurring yeast (for example in the air) and the wine is not inoculated with selected strains. 


Ageing on the fine lees: Following the completion of fermentation, the remnant particles of yeast that do not sink to the bottom in the wine are not removed, and possibly stirred occasionally, so that they enrich and make the wine creamier.