Summer 2014 - In the eyes of a graphic designer

We asked ten of our wine shop assistants what they’re drinking this summer. They arrived at the theme and compiled their lists accordingly and thus it’s all very subjective. A personal top list, stemming from mutual experiences: originating from our weekly tastings, professional trips, indeed often from customers’ feedback. While it may be somewhat subjective, we’re also convinced it’s sufficiently professional.

Tóth Krisztina

Krisztina Tóth, graphic designer

What makes a wine look good? Sometimes it’s due to the precise design work, at other times, it’s down to a spontaneous idea. Sometimes I like something because it’s so clear-cut, other times, because it’s complex and one can get lost in it. Beauty is a great mystery, because it depends for whom, on the when and even on the where. These are the wines I like the most now based on their appearance (in alphabetical order, since ranking them would have been too difficult):


- Domain des Croix Beaune les Cents Vignes 2011: 

On the bottle of the wine called 100 vines one can find clever, thoughtful typography. If there wasn’t a delicate relief behind it, it would still have been beautiful. With it, it’s possibly even more exciting.

-Gilvesy Bohém 2013: The picture of the panorama appears on the other labels of Robert’s, but those are photoshopped images, on this one we can see a scene from a dream made by a painter friend of the winemaker. Okay, in fact, it’s a montage made from his comics.

- Györgykovács Imre Furmint 2011: I like this label. Because it’s so peaceful, calm and natural. There isn’t a single line more or less on it than is necessary. The combination of sans serif and the font copying 18th century handwriting should be taught at school. Classic, durable, indeed very lovable. In fact, just like Imre’s wines.

- Palacios Remondo La Vendimia 2012: It’s called harvest. Harmonious colours on the label, delicate use of gold and a cute vine, which I think grows a tale on each and every branch of it. Let’s harvest! 

- Telmo Rodriguez Dehesa Gago 2012/2013: Every Telmo label is different, yet it’s easy to tell they belong together and they are so cool they couldn’t be any cooler. About Gago’s label, one might have the feeling that the designer, who as it seems cannot make a mistake, just churned it out. With the exaggeration of proportions, he created an amazing contrast, thus the huge letter “g” works as an image element above the unusual body text on the front label.

- Weninger Brut Nature Chardonnay Pezsgő 2010: 

The font is very close to my favourite typewriter font (American Typewriter). I simply love these letters. And it’s fab that apart from them, there is nothing else on the label. On top of that, the beautiful bronze coloured paper (selected obviously for its quality) can play a bigger role, plus it matches the museletless cork perfectly.