Summer 2014 – Bistro Reds

Megkérdeztünk tíz borboltost , hogy ők mit isznak nyáron. A témát is, a listát is ők állították össze, így az teljesen szubjektív lett. Egyéni toplisták , de közös élményekből táplálkoznak: heti kóstolóinkból, szakmai kirándulásokból, gyakran vásárlói vissza jelzésekből. Szubjektívek, de reméljük, megfelelően szakmaiak is.

Németh Áron

Áron Németh, Tábor wine bar

In May, we put up a camp (thus the name “tábor”) at Millenáris. Together with the team from Hello Wood, we built up our first winery in the Budai Zöld, where we can be found all summer in the company of the artisan beer minibus, as well as the Italian pasta and gourmet bus restaurant, among others. Our offers change monthly, we have changing themed tastings every Thursday evening, but cold spritzer and elderflower soda are a constant. I’ve collected a few suggestions regarding what light, fruity, tasty reds I would recommend in the Tábor for summer evenings.


- Márkvárt Kadarka 2013: János Márkvárt is well-known for his Kadarka, which hails from 1935 bush wines. It has been one of the most popular red wines in the Tábor.

- Heimann Kékfrankos 2012: An evergreen classic for when we seek to recommend a light, flavoursome red in the shop. Always a hit, because it’s fruity and spicy, but it doesn’t fill you up, yet provides pleasure.

- St. Andrea Akutyafáját Vörös 2012: Modern and joyful, from its name through to its colour and taste. Fermented spontaneously, aged in barrel, and bottled with the explosive fruit firmly intact.

- Konyári Szerecsen 2012: Fruity, even in this warm vintage, and refreshing, even on warm summer evenings. The Merlot goes nicely with the Kékfrankos.

- Kiss Gábor 364 Rouge 2013: Gábor harvested it earlier, and having carried out a brief maceration, he kept the wine in stainless steel tank. That’s why it’s as playful and flavoursome, as it is.

- Sebestyén Indigó Zweigelt 2013: Sweet, soft, appealing, juicy and fruity. That’s what a good Zweigelt is like and is precisely what one needs in the summer.