Summer 2014 – Limited availability wines

We asked ten of our wine shop assistants what they’re drinking this summer. They arrived at the theme and compiled their lists accordingly and thus it’s all very subjective. A personal top list, stemming from mutual experiences: originating from our weekly tastings, professional trips, indeed often from customers’ feedback. While it may be somewhat subjective, we’re also convinced it’s sufficiently professional.

Kelemen András

András Kelemen, Rózsakert

Undoubtedly, the most exciting area for wine lovers is the world of limited release wines.
However insignificant in quantity, these wines are often outstanding in terms of quality and distinctiveness, among them wines from the so-called artisanal wineries, small producers or the limited series of the bigger cellars. Oenophiles look out for them, and as for the winemakers, they provide the best means for experimenting, as well as introducing rare grape varieties. These rare samples are perfect for reflecting the unique characteristics of the place of growth, varieties and vintages. I’ve picked a few of them:


- Bakó Ambrus Teraszok Olaszrizling 2013Made in a real micro amount. Naturalness and spontaneity. A must try for Olaszrizling fans. 

- Káli Kövek Szentantalfa Rajnai Rizling 2012: A very honest wine with classic Riesling notes and loads of minerality. The best for accompanying sailing.

- Balassa István Thurzó Furmint 2012: Everything is about the vineyard here. It possesses true personality and is such a limited availability wine that one wouldn’t be able to have enough for every day of the year.

- Györgykovács Imre Tramini 2011: For those who look for characteristic Somló and elegant Traminer. A spontaneously fermented, limited availability wine from a truly small producer.

- Villa Tolnay Rajnai Rizling 2007: 3,000 bottles of it were made, and by now only 500 bottles are left. Aged notes have taken over, yet it’s still amazing. For lovers of ripe Rieslings.

- N.A.G. Hanna 2008: We can find limited release wines among the world of sweet wines. 100% Sárgamuskotály, 100% Mátra. Beware, it’s highly seductive and there’s hardly any remaining. It will soon be followed by the 2011.