Summer 2014 – Sparkling, bubbling, fizzing

We asked ten of our wine shop assistants what they’re drinking this summer. They arrived at the theme and compiled their lists accordingly and thus it’s all very subjective. A personal top list, stemming from mutual experiences: originating from our weekly tastings, professional trips, indeed often from customers’ feedback. While it may be somewhat subjective, we’re also convinced it’s sufficiently professional.


Brigitta Kristófand János Gavallér, Debrecen

Sultry nights, BBQs on the terrace, chilling out on the beach: it’s summer. If wine is too much by itself but you’re already bored by spritzer, then it’s time for a sparkler. Most of these may not be special regarding the way they’re made: wine is filled with carbon dioxide before bottling with most of these. They are however a perfect aperitif before meals. The favourite six bubblies of the Debrecen team right now are these:


- Nagyon Pezseg 2013: For me the best sparkling wine of the summer is the latest discovery from the Nagyon series. Cabernet Sauvignon rosé from Szeleshát with tonnes of bubbles. Great along with a mozzarella caprese.

- Pannonhalmi Salve Gyöngyözőbor 2013: The third vintage of the Salve. The most elegant sparkler in the line for me. Creamy and floral.

- Konyári Lolipop Rosé Gyöngyözőbor 2013: Adundant red fruit, fresh with good drinkability, this is a girly sparkling wine made from five grape varieties.

- Sauska Gyöngyözőbor 2013: Exciting and special wine from the Tokaj vineyards. Deliciously fruity aromas paired with a savoury finish.

- Légli Boglárka Rosé Gyöngyözőbor 2013: It’s been bottled for just a couple of weeks. Raspberry and strawberry comes immediately to mind, along with the pleasant acidity.

- Champagne Veuve Clicquot Brut Ice Jacket: An elegant Champagne in a diving suit. Of course Debrecen is not famous for its coastline but this Champagne is beautiful inside and out.