Summer 2014 – Wine, Balaton, Lavender

We asked ten of our wine shop assistants what they’re drinking this summer. They arrived at the theme and compiled their lists accordingly and thus it’s all very subjective. A personal top list, stemming from mutual experiences: originating from our weekly tastings, professional trips, indeed often from customers’ feedback. While it may be somewhat subjective, we’re also convinced it’s sufficiently professional.

Gyana Dani

Dani Gyana, Balatonfüred

Summer has three truly important ingredients: swimming trunks, Balaton and good Balaton wines. The lake doesn’t only equal deep-fried bream, peddalos, swimming and having fun, but it’s also one of our most exciting wine regions as well. Refreshing rosés, whether by themselves or as a spritzer, are great from morning till evening. Light, aromatic or full whites are ideal for forming world-changing ideas. Then, a few nicely composed reds, in the name of eternal youth. Here are some Füred favourites from both sides of the pond:


- Béla és Bandi Balaton 2013: The best Balaton so far with refreshing, crispy aromas, plus a long and flavoursome palate. Not to be missed!

- Káli Kövek Sauvignon Blanc 2013: 2013 was the year of Sauvignon Blanc – in Köveskál as well. Stunningly tight and flavoursome, this is a real summer wine.

- Légli Chardonnay 2012: The blue colour of Balaton looks nice on the new Légli bottle. Of course, the bottle’s filled with great contents too. Ottó’s 2012 Chardonnay spent 9 months in barrels. It’s very rich, deliciously full, long, creamy and buttery. The pearl of the southern bank.

- Konyári Loliense Fehér 2013: The new Loliense is unusually fresh, very light and refreshing. This year, again it’s the love child of Sauvignon, Olaszrizling and Chardonnay. Owing to the vintage, it’s less full, less creamy: a true summer superstar..

- Bakó Ambrus Kéknyelű 2013: One of our most special varieties that is only grown in Badacsony. This is the hallmark of Ambrus’ amazing professional knowledge. Layered, mineral, lively. A piece of “compulsory reading” for lovers of the variety and small producers.

- Figula 3 2012: We were taken by it at the tasting: fresh fruity nose with a touch of Cabernet’s spiciness and paprika. Nice oak and acidity, balanced palate, not too dense, a very exciting and unique wine. Two Cabernets and a Merlot.