TR Művek - Tállya

“This vintage gave more broad-shouldered wines than 2016.”

The three ‘Tállya radicals’ are in fact from Pest and their winery is in Mád. We first met them around the time of the 2015 report and we are happy to witness how the little winery is developing. The base of the estate is given by the diverse soil of the Palota vineyard, which is cultivated according to the principles of sustainability. During the few years they’ve spent there, the wines have improved a lot, and they‘ve made acquaintances and friends, as well as tried to get into the local blood circulation.  



“It was a sensational vintage without grape diseases, with a slow and long fermentation. We delivered so much raw material up to the cellar that we could hardly fit it all in. We had enough to select from. Fermentation happened very slowly, the last 20 grams of sugar of our dry wine fermented for two months. The balanced vintage eventually gave more broad-shouldered wines than 2016.”