Tállya Wines - Tállya

Giving back Tállya’s beauty and richness

If there’s such a thing as a colourful team, then the small team of Tállya Wines is one. Their winemaker, István Hudák, who moved from Mád to Tállya is a stand-up comedian, viticulturist and chef. Feri Szűcs and Péter Barta, beside their main professions are vine-dressers, to-be spice merchants and festival organisers. The source of the soon to come grocery, the renewed cellar and the Tállya wine has one source of origin: to give back the village that is surrounded by first-class vineyards the incredible beauty and richness that was once created by the winemakers and Jewish merchants of the previous century. It’s a great challenge, the basis of which is the team’s tenacity and the richness of the Tállya vineyards.